Welcome to the Curatorial Incubator 

Curatorial Incubator is an exploratory digital space. There are questions we want to explore here, such as:

    • How might exhibitions and visitor experiences be preserved, extended, and rethought in digital space?
    • What possibilities exist in digital archival practice for preserving and making accessible the work of (often local) artists creating from wide-ranging, intersecting perspectives in the face of systemic barriers?
    • What responsibilities and accountabilities come with the roles of digital archivist and curator?

It is also an invitation for you to explore. We have made this website as open-access as possible because we want our exhibitions and the artist legacies they represent to be engaged by international communities. Thank you for visiting our digital space!

Copyright Statement

A tension that has surfaced during the process of creating Curatorial Incubator is that which exists between the respective ethics of community-based scholarship and open-access scholarship. Ideally, from the perspective of open-access scholarship, we would be able to write a statement here that declares all our images open-access so that you might use them in your own projects and build on the research presented in the Curatorial Incubator exhibitions.


Carolyn Butler Palmer

Carolyn is Associate Professor and Legacy Chair in the Department of Art History and Visual Studies at the University of Victoria. As an engaged art historian, her research program includes community-based, collections, and curatorial research. Her research also works on the discipline of art history. Dr. Butler Palmer’s work appears across various media, including exhibitions, peer-reviewed journal articles, digital exhibitions, exhibition catalogues, and policies. Over the years, Carolyn has held prestigious awards, including a residency at the Georgia O’Keeffe Research Centre. Carolyn is currently a research associate with the Gail and Stephen A. Jarislowsky Institute for Studies in Canadian Art at Concordia University.​

Matt Huculak
Lindsay Kaisla
Baylee Woodley